Press & Co. is a cold pressed juice + wellness company on the Gulf Coast. The business idea came around when the founder, Nathalie Sousa, decided to make conscious and meaningful changes in her life after suffering "couch potato syndrome" for years.


She began incorporating juicing into her daily routine and quickly realized the life giving superpowers of raw fruits and vegetables


Press & Co. is her way of  motivating and inspiring people to live a better lifestyle and hopes to make healthy living accessible, effortless and FUN in her community and beyond!


Press & Co. is on a mission to be the most trusted nutrition and wellness brand on the Gulf Coast. With an unparalleled selection of nutrient dense beverages, we can proudly say that we have something for everyone. Our drinks are fresh pressed locally, we pack up to 4 pounds of organic produce in every bottle to promote health, energy & well being.


What is Cold Press?

Cold pressing is a method of extracting juice from fresh vegetable and fruits using extreme pressure through a Hydraulic Press. “Cold” describes the technology that minimizes oxygen and heat resulting in minimum oxidation during extraction.

The Hydraulic press crushes and then presses fruits and vegetables in a two-step process. By doing so, the greatest amount of juice is extracted and the highest level of nutrients and enzymes is maintained.

This method produces the longest lasting, highest quality unpasteurized juice, rich in nutrients, flavor and color.


Raw & unpasteurized

We also ensure that our juices are unpasteurized – meaning that they are unheated, untreated and RAW. Pasteurizing juice would destroy many of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make our juices so delicious and beneficial. By leaving it unpasteurized, we are bringing you the healthiest, most nutrient-packed product on the market. It’s what we leave out that makes our juices so unique:

* No Chemicals

* No Added Sugar

* No Preservatives

* No Pasteurization

* No HPP

* No Animal Products

* No Gluten

* No Dairy